White and Frozen World (MP3 Album)

White and Frozen World (MP3 Album)
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Over an hour of epic Metal. “White and Frozen World” Is Kaisers second Album, that like kaisers first album can not easily be categorized in to a single genre. The Album will appeal to those who possess a love for symphonic black metal, Gothic metal or doom metal. White and Frozen world is mostly written in minor. It possesses a strong Emotional ceremonious but also mournful quality, A atmosphere of Darkness Gloom and Melancholy.


Album track list

  1. Frost in the Northern Winter
  2. Immortal
  3. Thor Bring Me Victory
  4. Eine Schlacht Gegen die Korrupte Macht
  5. White and Frozen World
  6. Great Pagan Epoch
  7. Festering Hate (The Pagan Ways of the Great Continent of Europe)
  8. Occupier of the Highest Seat in the Land
  9. Life Turns to History
  10. Auf Grünen Wiesen


Total time in transition 01:16:01

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